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“As a retired veteran who sustained multiple injuries during my service it was important for me to find a massage therapist who would be able to understand my needs.  Gail Yurman is one of the most knowledgeable and talented therapist I have ever come into contact with.  She is one of those rare people who seem to possess the “gift” to heal! Her knowledge & understanding of the human musculature system is quite extensive.  There is a simple logic & professional understanding behind everything she does. I am an advocate of holistic or alternative health care for Veterans and I look forward to massage therapy being covered by the VA system someday.  Gail exceeded my expectations and I have and always will recommend her to my friends."
Carl S. MacLeod
1SG U.S. Army (Retired)

“Gail is one of those special massage therapists with a wonderful balance between deep, needful muscle work and a style that sheds accumulated stress during the same massage. Too often I have gotten a therapist on “Autopilot” who isn’t paying attention to my physical issues.  Gail listens each and every time and tailors her work to her clients’ priorities.   Wow!  Highly, highly recommended!”
C. Evers Whyte


“Why, oh why, was I so hesitant for so long to get a massage?  One session with Gail showed me how huge my misconceptions were!  She made my experience so comfortable, so soothing, and so serene, I couldn't wait to go again.  This is definitely something that everyone should consider adding to his/her self-care regimen, because it's nice and relaxing, and because you deserve it!  We won't even mention the benefits of massage for body and mind.  Gail's the best.  She knows how to treat you and your unique issues.  Don't walk... run to get a wonderful massage from Gail!”               

Carol W.  Stamford, CT


“It took a major illness for me to realize that massage therapy is indeed therapeutic and not just a luxury.  I wish I had discovered the benefits of massage way before I got so sick.  I’ve had massages from many different therapists and I have to say that Gail is among the very best I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting bodywork from.  Besides having a gifted touch, she has a natural, healing intuition that finds my 'trouble spots' and gently resolves them.  I highly recommend Gail to anyone looking for a soothing massage that also promotes a healthier self.”

Michele R. Greenwich, CT


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